February 15, 2010

An unexpected email, from an old friend, led me to view this video that I made.

It’s about a time in my life I refer to as my Search and Destroy Mission.

I didn’t need to view the video; I know what it’s about.

But I did view it.

And now I am having a moment. A tears streaming down my face, really glad that no one can see me right now, kind of moment.

The Search and Destroy Mission was a season of my life when (outside of being the mother of two wonderful young men) I had had enough of what felt like a meaningless existence.

It was a time when I was on a mission to take my issues,  re: church and my questions about God, straight to God.
It was a prayer.  A prayer for a life filled with an undeniable purpose and a relationship with an undeniable God.

It was the first step.  A step of faith on an unfamiliar road.

A road that would lead me to where I am today; launch day for The ReaI Life Radio Network.

I had no idea then…we rarely do.

We often have the opportunity to look over our shoulder and see the road that we’ve traveled but…

to see the moment that we asked, during the moment that He answered, is amazing and humbling.

Even the words and phrases, that I wrote on the  paper shown in the video,  surround me at RLRN.

So, I’m having a moment.

I’m still glad you can’t see me, with my runny nose and the mascara running down my face, but I wanted to share the moment with you.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Ruby Cantu Says:

    I ♥ this, very insightful, very Laurie!

  2. Ruby Cantu Says:

    one word WaterProof….or is that two words…lol

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